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Our plastic manufacturing capabilities are second to none and includes lathe turning, CNC plastic machining, milling, and micro machining plastic, as well as acrylic polishing and plastic polishing techniques like vapor polishing, flame polishing, and mechanical buffing.

We routinely produce a variety of plastics parts and materials — especially those that are considered to be the most difficult to machine. We would be happy to discuss the appropriate methods and materials to use for your precision machined plastic parts and products. To submit an RFQ, Click Here.

We expertly machine precision plastic components for a variety of customers in nearly every industry including; parts made for medical, electronics, instrumentation, industrial, and nuclear uses.

Experienced Plastics Manufacturer

As experienced precision plastic fabricators, we care about helping you understand more about our business and how we can help you select the right materials and the right process to solve your design challenges. We have devoted an entire portion of our site to resources aimed at helping you learn more about precision plastics.

From our most popular PDF (Understanding the Art of Plastic Machining ) and within our Frequently Asked Questions section, we hope that we answer any questions you may have about precision machined plastics. If you still have questions, we’ll be happy to discuss your specific precision plastics needs with you. Use the link below to email us or fill out our Online Inquiry Form to discuss your project with our experts.

The other shops had done their best, but we found that a significant amount of their output simply wasn’t usable in our development.

Connecticut Plastics History

Since 1980, Connecticut Plastics has been committed to manufacturing high quality, precision machined plastic components. With over 35 years in the business, we are the most knowledgeable precision plastic fabricators in the industry today. Along with our extensive experience in custom plastic machining, we can provide information on selection and cost of materials for all your plastic fabrication needs.

On-time delivery is a cornerstone of our philosophy and we pride ourselves on our long-term commitment to customer service and satisfaction. From the initial order to the final shipment of your precision plastic components, our standards compel us to do the highest quality job, one part at a time.

Learn more about our mission and our facilities in Connecticut. Then consider the advantages of choosing a fabricator which specializes exclusively in plastics when you source your precision plastic machined components.


How Precision Machining of Plastic Components Benefits our Everyday Lives

The use of plastic components has become so wide-spread that most likely we don’t notice the many items we use that are made completely of plastic or of plastic components. Many manufacturers have found that by converting their metal components to plastic ones they can find numerous savings in design changes, overall costs, weight and waste.

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Machining Polysulfone – Why Choose This Plastic?

Polysulfone, known under several names, has particular properties that make it a good choice for machining plastic parts. It has become a popular choice for our clients and their applications.

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NN, Inc., a diversified industrial company, manufactures and supplies high-precision metal bearing components, industrial plastic and precision metal components to a variety of markets on a global basis, including: aerospace, automotive, communications, defense, electronics, energy, medical, transportation and general industrial.

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The Precision Engineered Products Group of NN, Inc. combines in-depth materials science expertise with advanced engineering and production capabilities to design and manufacture a broad range of high precision metal and plastic components and assemblies.

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