Feedback from Customers


Hi Michael,

I am Jonathan B., an intern currently working in the oil and gas industry in Billerica, MA for the duration of the summer. I am attempting to find ways that our plant can run smoother and more efficiently. One thing that helps in doing so if finding out why shipments directed to our site have been delayed and/or shipped late. We strive to have our Promises Kept at or above 95%.

After looking through our records and purchases from your site over the previous 4 months, I have found that your company has been very timely in your shipments to us. I just wanted to take the time to thank you for your committement and hard work in getting your shipments to us on time and in accordance with your promise dates. This goes a long way in helping us to achieve our goal metrics.

~ Jonathan B. – Oil & Gas


Dear All,

Thank you very much for your great work!

The bonded manifolds we ordered were delivered to me today. I inspected them optically as well as fluidically to get a first impression. From my point of view, these parts are very well manufacturered based on the fact that some features were very difficult to mill and to polish.

Furthermore, we are also very satisfied with the cooperation regarding design review feedbacks, your prompt replies and your professional competence.

So, thank you again, and we will come back to you in the future when we might have other designs for a bonded manifold or machined plastic component that needs manufacturing.

~ Daniel M – Medical Device Industry – Switzerland


Hi Bob,

We received the parts middle of last week, and we just wanted to let you know that everyone is very pleased with how they look. We made up 2 prototypes with the plastic parts that you precision machined for us and we are just getting started with our testing. But our preliminary assesment of these parts indicate that they will perform great. You can tell your production shop great job, for us.

I copied my colleague Engineer Rod H, on this email, he has expressed an interest in another possible application for a polysulfone machined part that is for a different component of the same system.

~ Kevin R. – Laboratory Instrumentation Industry



Got the parts today, once again Connecticut Plastics has exceeded my expectations. Great job.

~ Mike, Laboratory Instrumentation Industry

Hi M.

As I mentioned today, the bonding work performed by your team at Connecticut Plastics has yielded superb results in bonding our chips. I encourage you to visit their website to get a feel for their capabilities. In addition to their experience and doing great technical work, Connecticut Plastics has been extremely responsive, turns around projects on an accelerated timeline and is a pleasure to work with. You can reach the sales staff at 203 265 3299 x 20.

~ Regards, D.


Just wanted to compliment you on your “Learning Center”. Really nice job. I mentioned it on our industry blog – hope you get some hits. Have a look if you like: Novachem Blog.

I was looking for information on line about various “machinable” plastics when I came across your company’s site and your excellent FAQ. REAL people getting REAL answers!  After days on Google, talking with plastics’ manufacturers and adhesives companies, I have more questions than answers. The information on your site helped me a lot. Thank you.

~ Gene R.



We got the acrylic plastic manifolds today and they look great, better than we imagined. You really got everything polished well, even internal. Our team is very happy with them.

~ Michael K., Research Scientist, Medical Device Industry


Hi Pete,

The meeting with our client went very well. The wash manifold you made for us was very well received. We ran a simulation using the Connecticut Plastics’ manifold and they were very impressed with the technology and craftsmanship.

They asked about cost. My boss told them the dollar amount quoted and they understood that you get what you pay for. Cost was not an issue after they saw what they got for their money. The drilled manifold that they currently use, costs a little less, however the benefits for the bonded manifold outweighed the complications that arise with a drilled manifold.

The client was able to see a direct comparison between their old drilled and plugged manifold and the new bonded manifold. They were excited to learn that they can get a custom designed manifold and achieve the precise performance they need.

By the way, Connecticut Plastics was the best in price and delivery from the other suppliers that quoted a bonded manifold.

I look forward to continuing to do business with your company. I am working to support several areas of the project, one being the bonded manifolds. I will keep you in the loop and give you as much time as possible to turn parts for us.

Thanks for the good job, please pass that on to the rest of your team.

~ Thomas E., Consultant, Medical Diagnostic Instrumentation


I want to take this time to thank the employees at Connecticut Plastics for the outstanding support that we have received from the team throughout the year. This time of year we like to recognize our key suppliers who make it possible for us to manufacture our products and fulfill our customers requirements.

~ Robert M., President – Instrumentation and Measurement Industry.


Hi Tom,

Just a note to let you know we received the balance of our order for the 20 machined PETG specimen compression devices, and they were beautiful. Expertly machined, clean as a whistle, flawlessly packaged. They worked well, too.

Please pass along our thanks to the folks up north for a job well done. I won’t hesitate to use or recommend your company in the future!

~ Tom J., Product Development Eng. – Medical Device Industry


You guys are one of my best vendors when responding to RFQ’s and your delivery lead times always work with our production schedule.

~ Jeff Z., Purchasing Manager – Nuclear Industry