“The other shops had done their best, but we found that a significant amount of their output simply wasn’t usable in our development.”

“Connecticut Plastics not only delivered a superior part, but also did so with very short turnaround and no hassles.”

“We were exceptionally pleased with your work and have added Connecticut Plastics to our database of preferred vendors with whom to work.”
V. Contini
Project Engineer
HealthCare Industry
A pril 2006


“(We) would like to thank you for your efforts this past year. This past year saw both new challenges and new opportunities for (us), and it is clear that your commitment and support is critical to our success. We look forward to working with you to meet the challenges and opportunities 2002 will bring.”
S. Smith
Purchasing Manager
Military Contracting
December, 2001


“(We) would like to thank…Connecticut Plastics very much for the hard work and extraordinary effort to get these parts we needed to make our product launch successful.”

“While unexpected problems arose, you and your team were able to understand the importance of overcoming these difficulties and correcting them quickly.”

“Again, many thanks to you and the entire team at Connecticut Plastics.”
T. Grimes
Materials Manager
May, 1998