Customer & Order Support

We are plastic fabricators specializing in plastic machining and plastic polishing.

When it comes to plastic fabrication, not all machine shops are created equal.

At Connecticut Plastics, we understand it takes more than quality plastic machining to do the job right. Today’s customers are looking for a complete package of services from engineering support to delivery programs. We know that providing total support from preproduction through quality assurance makes us a great choice when sourcing plastic machined components.

Plastic fabrication is our only focus, and we’ve taken plastic machining to the highest level. Using CNC machining technology, the latest plastic machining equipment available, and 25 years of precision plastic machining experience, we meet the needs of even the most challenging plastic machining clients.

Connecticut Plastics also specializes in various forms of plastic and acrylic polishing for your plastic polishing needs.

Consider the advantages of choosing a fabricator which specializes in plastic exclusively when sourcing precision machined components.

We offer:

  • Plastic design knowledge and component machinability expertise
  • Use of special, plastic compatible coolants
  • CNC machines free of metal contaminants
  • Stress relieving capabilities
  • Knowledge in material selection, sources, and cost
  • Optical quality polishing capabilities
  • Avoidance of stress cracking and crazing from improper tooling or machining rates
  • Annealing knowledge to ensure dimensional stability
  • Excellence in burr control during the machining process
  • Proprietary techniques to machine plastics to close tolerances
  • Superior surface finish capabilities
  • Facilities to properly clean and package components for shipment

Please feel free to contact us about your plastic fabrication needs. We look forward to hearing from you.