Products & Solutions

Choosing the right custom plastic fabrication shop makes all the difference. While metal shops can do plastic machining, they often encounter unique difficulties with plastic material selection, contamination, burr control, and overall machining quality. PEP Connecticut Plastics’ custom plastic fabrication shop is fully equipped, trained and experienced to precisely machine and polish plastic parts from most types of plastic materials.

Our Custom Plastic Machining Process

We have extensive knowledge, skills, and experience in the art of plastic machining and we consistently achieve excellent results. Custom plastic machining is what we do and we take great pride in producing the best plastic machined components for our customers.

Custom Plastic Parts & Materials

Knowledge about and obtaining high quality material is an integral step in creating a high quality part. After more than 30 years in the industry, we have extensive, first-hand knowledge of nearly every available stock plastic. Let us help you choose the right material with our online material selector or contact us directly for even more help with selecting the right material for your specific plastic parts design needs.

The Industries We Serve

Wherever precision machined plastic parts are used you will find Connecticut Plastics quality components. From medical supplies to semiconductors and industrial equipment, we can achieve the quality you need. Learn more about the industries we serve.