Plastic Manifold Machining & Assemblies

For more than 30 years PEP Connecticut Plastics has been supplying precision machined plastic manifolds for critical applications. Machining manifolds is where Connecticut Plastics’ decades of experience result in a manifold far superior to what our competitors can produce.  Our expertise is particularity evident with Acrylic (PMMA), polycarbonate and Ultem (PEI) plastics, where the requirement is for maximum clarity into the manifold. Techniques we employ include vapor polishing and flame polishing   to clarify after machining, and machining clear with proprietary tooling, which can  eliminate the need for post-machining polishing.

Whether your specification is for Acrylic, Polycarbonate, Ultem, PEEK, Delrin/Acetal or any other plastic we machine, our proprietary techniques ensure tooling marks are minimal or eliminated.  Long drilled holes are free from crazing, burning or tool marks. This is especially important with clear materials, such as Acrylic manifolds. When the application requires optical clarity or water clear finishes, there are no short cuts. It requires unique tooling, custom annealing cycles and very tight process controls. There is no published book to guide us, only years of empirical data and highly trained plastic engineers allowing Connecticut Plastics to solve the most challenging jobs.

We have developed a seamless approach for precision drilling and plugging of passageways by bonding plugs into manifolds. Our experience gives us several options including press fit, solvent bonding, adhesive bonds, as well as other techniques. We can suggest what we feel is the best technique for your application. We have a wide variety of experience in high tech glues and epoxies, specifically designed for the strict requirement of medical plastic manifolds. Many adhesives are approved for medical device use. This knowledge allows us to expand our services into the assembly of more complicated manifolds that require barbs, valves and other components.

We have the right tools, as well. Our automated vision inspection systems  precisely measure channel locations inside clear plastic manifolds. We also utilize 5-Axis machining to eliminate additive errors caused by multiple setup processes. CMMs, microscopes and laser micrometers are used to insure both external and internal features with critical intersections, are precisely aligned.

Our manifold engineers can assist with design work including material selection, manifold design and component layout. Connecticut Plastics can provide a fully assembled and tested manifold with items such as pumps, valves, fittings, etc., ready to be installed and function in your device.