Difficult Plastic Parts

A hallmark of PEP Connecticut Plastics is to always find a way to produce production plastic machined components for our customers, no matter what the challenge. From tight tolerance, difficult geometries, and unstable materials we push the boundaries of plastic machining to help our customers design some of the worlds most advanced equipment.

Difficult parts is our showcase of challenging plastic parts that we have produced. This group of components typically have required us to go beyond traditional plastic machining techniques and learn approaches that are new even to us. Please browse our photos here and in the other galleries. There are surprising examples of parts with unique features. Some which are machined to be springs and our thinnest wall ever in PEEK-OPTIMA® – .0008″!. Abrasive/unstable material and tolerances to .0002 are typical challenges we face every day.

Need help with an unusual application? Please call our engineering department. They are available to discuss material selection, machining concerns and polishing to name a few.