Micro Machining Plastic

Small Component Manufacturing

Connecticut Plastics has the ability to create some of the finest micro-machined plastic components in the industry.

Through our specialization as an experienced plastics fabricator, we have plastic fabrication capabilities unusual in standard CNC machining practice. In particular, for precise micro machining of plastic components, our tolerancing is +/- .0005 or better with exceptional surface finish. These high-precision requirements are met while producing complex configurations in runs from 100 – 100,000 pieces.

If required, similar micro-machining accuracy can be maintained after plastic polishing.

Typical micro machining specifications include:

  • Tolerances held to +/- .0005 or better
  • Surface finish to 16 – 24 micro inches
  • Lot sizes from 100 – 100,000 + pcs
  • Hole diameters to .005 inches
  • Break edges and fillets .002 or smaller
  • Zero burrs under 20x
  • Near optical quality finishing
  • Stress relieving after precision micro plastic machining
  • No partoff burrs
  • Non contact and optical equipment for accurate measurements
  • Equipment and tools specifically designed for small component machining

As micro plastic machining success is very part and material dependant, please contact us via the information provided below or send us your specific design requirements via our Online Inquiry Form.