Plastic Fabrication & Assembly

Connecticut Plastics is happy to provide assembly services for customers looking for a complete or partially assembled plastic fabrications. From Heli-coil or heat staked inserts to plastic fabrication of formed plastic components, we are a full service plastic fabricator.

Fabricating plastic can take many forms and we can support across a broad set of requirements.

  1. Bonding and gluing — We have extensive experience in  bonded plastic fabrications. From simple items like plastic chassis to more complicated multilayered plastic assemblies.
  2. Formed and bent parts — Many plastics are suitable for bending to fit an application. Please contact our engineering department for support on your design.
  3. Heat staking and Heli-Coil® —  As a plastic fabricator, Connecticut Plastics has the capability to provide heat staked inserts or Heli-Coils depending on requirements. Heat staked inserts are useful in plastic fabrications that require multiple assembly and dis-assembly processes. They have equal to or better pullout strength than plastic threads. Heli-Coils are generally not recommended especially in stress sensitive plastics, where crazing can occur.
  4. Manifold Assembly — Customers often request a fully assembled manifold for their device to ensure quality and reduce cost. We have many contacts in the valve industry, enabling us to provide competitive prices when combined with a manifold.
  5. Testing — Need your part tested prior to shipping? For your plastic fabrications, we can provide pressure testing and other to verify quality requirements are being met.

Please consider us for your entire project management. Secondary metal parts are processed in house, or if extensive, out sourced to our reliable supplier chain.