Plastic Milling

At Connecticut Plastics, we have assembled a state of the art milling department.

We are proud to produce mill components with a high degree of consistency to close tolerances with no burrs. Surface finishes can be near optical-quality grade as needed. Complex components are easily manufactured through the direct import of files from most CAD systems.

Our mill capabilities include:

  • Work envelope 27″ x 15″ x 17.5″
  • Plastic compatible coolants
  • High speed drill-tap and conventional mills
  • MasterCam software
  • Prototype to production quantities
  • Lights-out operation
  • Pallet systems for high throughput
  • Positional accuracy to 0.0002″ over 12″
  • Repeatability to +/- 0.00008″
  • 15,000 RPM spindle
  • Deep hole drilling
  • Micro hole drilling
  • Tolerances to +/- 0.0002″