Prototype & Rapid Delivery Machining

Many customers need rapid manufacturing support for launching new products to market. Invariably, product development requires a prototype stage before production to ensure all design criteria are met. SLA models, while capable of mimicking the configuration, do not have the physical properties of the specified material.

PEP Connecticut Plastics offers prototype capability for plastic machined components. Our goal is to support our customers in applications that require pre-production plastic machining (prototypes) and situations where expedited delivery is crucial. In this arena, we provide the following capabilities:

  • 30 years’ experience in machining plastics
  • Substantial in house stock of plastics for a quicker response
  • Polishing capabilities for see through applications and superior finishes
  • Material selection support
  • Engineering product configuration support
  • Close tolerance, high quality capability
  • Plastic annealing capability

To get started on a project, please call our sales department at 203.265.3299 x36 and request a quick-turn quote or email us through our Inquiry or Contact Us page. Please mention your rapid response delivery requirements in any communication with us.

We require a 3D part model in either Solidworks or a Step file in order to provide pricing. As time is critical, please expect a quotation in 8 business hours or less. PEP Connecticut Plastics accepts credit cards to speed processing.