Connecticut Plastics Adds 5-Axis Machining Capabilities

In an effort to provide more choices for our customers, it is our goal here at PEP Connecticut Plastics to stay ahead of the curve in manufacturing technology. For this reason we recently added a 5-Axis CNC Machining Center. With this new capability we can manufacture plastic parts more efficiently, and accept new parts that are more complex.

Here are some of the benefits 5-Axis machining brings to Connecticut Plastics:

  • 5-Axis machining gives us the ability to machine more complex shapes, utilizing a single set-up. This includes shapes that are curved. Instead of performing all of the operations required on a part in a series of set-ups–often on different machines requiring unique fixturing and alignment for each operation–the 5-axis machine can handle all of the operations with just one set up. This saves time and keeps costs down.
  • With less set ups, you decrease the chance of error and eliminate waste. Tooling costs are also reduced.
  • We are able to be more competitive when bidding on complex 3D plastic components.
  • Mike, one of our Engineering Machinists, who has many years of experience in 5-axis machining stated: “I prefer 5-axis machines to 3 axis. The programming operation is less complex, and I can achieve more rapid set ups.”
  • Our Sales Manager, Pete, adds: “So far, many of our customers have welcomed the news, and RFQ’s are starting to come in for more complicated parts. These are orders from customers with whom we already have a great reputation for turning out quality components and delivering on time. The good news is that I can now reach out to customers in new industries that required more complex machining capabilities.”
  • Plant Manager, Chris, also welcomed the addition of 5-Axis machining to our capabilities: “Now there is less of a chance that a problem with one part, can hold up my production line. Work will flow more smoothly.”

The addition of 5-Axis machining capabilities to our menu of capabilities is evidence that Connecticut Plastics is dedicated to providing state of the art precision plastics machining services to our customers. We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations by continuously improving our processes.

In addition to 5-Axis CNC machining, we also provide micro-machining, thermo-bonding, assembly, plastic polishing, vapor polishing, annealing and engineering services. Thank you for your interest in Connecticut Plastics.