Considerations When Machining Ultem

At PEP Connecticut Plastics, we understand our customers need expertly produced individual prototypes and also parts in large quantities. We also recognize the importance of producing only the highest quality plastic parts that have long-lasting durability for your industry and application.

One of the most popular plastics today, and one we work with on a regular basis, is Ultem; a PEI or polyetherimide. Because of its transparent nature when left in its natural state, it needs to have a high degree of clarity.

Understanding Ultem

As an amorphous thermoplastic, Ultem is used in many different applications. These include instrumentation for medical use and chemical processing, as well as in the aerospace industries, food service industry and the automotive, electronic, HVAC, lighting and telecom sectors.

This resin has long-heat resistance, excellent strength, and it is also one the most dimensionally stable of the thermoplastics on the market today. It is resistant to stress cracking in a variety of environments including fluids used in the aerospace industry, weak aqueous solutions, acids and even aliphatic hydrocarbons and alcohols.

Machining Ultem is a Specialization at PEP Connecticut Plastics

Our specialty is plastics and our technicians have the expertise for machining Ultem to your exact specifications. We pride ourselves in our ability to match the tightest tolerances you require, even on the smallest components you need to have machined.

We have the equipment and expertise to ensure our machining of Ultem resin results in a smooth, burr-free surface. We also provide vapor and flame polishing for a level of clarity that is a hallmark of our part production. Our precision CNC machining Ultem, close tolerances and high quality, have led us to be a preferred supplier to companies in the electronics, research, and medical devices industries.

Our goal with every order is to ensure our components are tested throughout production. This gives us the advantage of shipping only top quality parts to our customers regardless of how complex or challenging they may be in design.

We can provide prototypes of the parts required, and our end product will have the clarity, surface smoothness and tight tolerances you require. This is true for a single product or large production runs, and you won’t find variation in quality when working with PEP Connecticut Plastics.