When Customers Ask Us to Do the Improbable

PEP Connecticut Plastics never anticipates that our customers will give us easy parts to manufacture. Quite the contrary, assignments range from merely difficult to feats of machining that have yet to be attempted. To meet these demanding expectations, our business relies on an experienced staff and high-end CNC plastic machining mills and multi-axis lathes, tied together with advanced CAM software.

Multi-axis machined interlink coil

Multi-axis machined interlink coil

According to our general manager, Chris Connor, “About four or five times a year a life sciences OEM will come to us with a challenging part that, in their mind, may not even be possible to machine. If we think it is possible, we will take it on and develop a manufacturing process, even though it may involve a considerable investment of time by our engineering and manufacturing people.

“The first time we deliver these parts, we will be lucky to break even on the project. But our customer will be happy and, better still, we will have expanded our portfolio of very difficult things that we know how to do.”

Some of the difficult things PEP Connecticut Plastics have learned how to do include:

  • Manufacturing complex, clear, blemish-free acrylic medical devices and laboratory equipment components on 5-axis mills
  • Machining complex, spring-like components that involve removing more than half of the work piece’s material using a multi-axis lathe
  • Producing micro-mechanical components, sometimes the size of a flea, on multi-axis lathes and mills
  • Economically fabricating tubular plastic components, narrower than a strand of spaghetti, with a precision-drilled I.D. and .001″ thick walls.

Successfully completed improbable projects like these have become stepping stones that have led to more and better work from our customers. Advanced CNC equipment and CAD/CAM software make it possible to deliver the fruits of this plastics expertise and process knowledge with high levels of quality and accountability – along with the fast turnaround that customers depend on.