PEP Connecticut Plastics Announces the Launch of ISO 13485 Certification Process

Wallingford, Connecticut, June 20, 2015: PEP Connecticut Plastics is launching a new effort to become ISO 13485 Certified. The company currently holds ISO 9001 certification and the additional ISO certification will further their ability to provide services to the medical industry. This certification focuses on regulatory requirements that improve sterile medical device manufacturing, risk management, management responsibility and traceability for implantable devices.

ISO 13485 is a certification that improves operating performance for producing medical grade components. The certification for ISO 13485 harmonizes and enhances the level of professional certification held by PEP Connecticut Plastics. Customers can trust their company when it comes to the machining and creation of the plastic parts needed for a variety of medical devices.

PEP Connecticut Plastics has built a reputation for producing reliable, high-quality products that can meet the precise standards needed for the medical industry and other sensitive industries. By exceeding expectations when it comes to safety and controlled product manufacturing standards, they can assist customers in finding custom solutions for any type of machined plastic parts that require strict compliance and exact production.

Anyone interested in learning about the new ISO 13485 certification can find out more by visiting the PEP Connecticut Plastics website at http://ctplastics.wpengine.com or by calling our Quality Manager at 203-265-3299 x 23.

About PEP Connecticut Plastics: PEP Connecticut Plastics is a manufacturing company that Machines precision plastic components for a variety of industries, including medical, electronics, instrumentation, industrial and nuclear. They can help customers find reliable solutions for manufacturing difficult to machine plastic parts and components. Their high-quality plastic components are produced to exact specification with a superior level of customer service.

Contact Information:

PEP Connecticut Plastics

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