General Plastic Fabrication Questions

I was wondering if you had a minimum price/quantity for your orders.  I’m going to need a few dozen small plastic blocks (some about 3 x 3 x 2, others 3x3x6 mm) with single holes drilled down the center.  Does this sound like an order that’s in the scope of what your company typically does?

We manufacture components in quantities from 1 pc to 100,000’s. Applications best suited to our capabilities are where our customer has critical feature requirements.


Can you machine carbon fiber filled polycarbonate nylon and make it look visually appealing?  What about glass filled polycarbonate?  I’ve attached a .jpg showing our machining needs.  One surface must have a radius that will accept an o-ring seal, so it must be smooth and precise.

PEP Connecticut Plastics utilizes machining techniques and customized tooling based on our 30+ years of plastic machining to optimize surface finish quality of the component. O-ring sealing surfaces need to be smooth and have a precise flatness to ensure reliable sealing. I am sure that we can meet or exceed your expectations.


I have an electronics component that is currently produced via CNC milling in aluminum. The component has two parts that attach via hex bolts. One of the options we are looking at is to have half of the product made in a Delrin type material that attaches to the other side of the aluminum product (so a hybrid product of Plastic/Aluminum). The product half will match the current Aluminum half with a few changes. It is approx 4inches x 3 inches by .25 inches with various cuts, we have full CAD diagrams etc that we are currently using in the CNC lathes we have. Are you able to produce this part?

Connecticut Plastics has full milling and multi-axis lathe machining capabilities. We will be happy to provide you with a quote for this project.


I would like to submit an RFQ.  We need approximately 40 pieces. The part size is about 20x20x5 mm, with the smallest feature being 0.5 mm.  The plastic does not matter, other than that it be one that can accommodate high accuracy and close tolerances.  It is not a heroic piece to machine out of aluminum, but I do not have experience with plastics.  I can give you a Solidworks™ file, or any 3D format you choose.

We can accept a variety of 3D file formats. These are most helpful when supplied with a print that provides dimensional and geometric tolerances along with material of construction and any component details critical to the application.


We are looking to have some small parts manufactured out of PEEK.  These parts have very tight tolerances.  We will be ordering 6 pieces to start, so as to get an idea of the quality of your services. If acceptable, there is a potential for 600 pieces annually.

PEEK is a very stable plastic to machine and well suited to high tolerance components. We commonly provide pre-production runs with first article inspection reports, prior to full production volume.


I’m trying to source some acrylic blanks. If I can get 4 round, blank slabs about 5″-6″ in diameter and about 1/4″ thick that would serve my requirements. It would be great to get them machined by your company, since I have no previous experience. Can your company provide me with acrylic plastic blanks?

PEP Connecticut Plastics can provide plastic blanks that are dimensionally stabilized. This service will minimize warping and size change due to the machining process. Softer plastics and geometrically unbalanced designs benefit from this step. Our stabilization process also lowers the blank stress reducing the likelihood of stress cracking for those materials sensitive to the condition. In some cases, it is recommended that stress relieving occur after machining also.


We are trying to make arrays of micro-electrodes, and we would like to have a small plastic guide piece fabricated.  I’ve attached a rough sketch.  Basically each hole is a guide for each electrode.  We’d like to start with a small run – probably about 10.  I would need the material to be electrically non-conductive.  Is this something you could fabricate?

Yes, PEP Connecticut Plastics can certainly help you with the fabrication of your plastic part. We can help with material selection of an electrically non-conductive polymer and machine the guide holes for each electrode, as called for in your sketch. Can you provide us with a CAD drawing of the part?


I’ve attached a sketch of a part we were considering having made by extrusion, but we have been unable to locate a manufacturer who could reach our required tolerances.  The sketch shows a cross-section of roughly what we’re looking for. The part is a component of a light-guiding system for solar energy use, so it needs to be optically clear.  We’d like 0.001″/0.02mm, but can accept tolerances as coarse as 0.005″/0.1mm. The part is clear polycarbonate, and we will need an optical quality finish, both inside and out.  From your web site, we’re pretty sure you can do this.  Could you give me some ball park estimates of cost and lead time for a part like this? It will help in our decision-making.

Connecticut Plastics regularly machines parts with tolerances of 0.0002”/0.005mm, and we can recommend the best polishing techniques to provide the clarity you desire. ROM (rough order of magnitude) pricing can be provided quickly and detailed quotes can often be provided on the same day. We are the industry experts in micro plastic machining.


I have a difficult component here that is proving hard to machine. Could you take a look at it and give me a quote? If you agree that it is not possible to machine as designed, then would you let me know which features need to be changed so as to make the part machinable?

With over 30 years of precision plastics machining experience, PEP Connecticut Plastics is best utilized during the project design phase, assisting with feasibility with both configuration and cost.  We will be glad to help you with the design of your part. Our capabilities are many and we may be able to achieve tolerances that other plastic machining companies cannot. A hallmark of Connecticut Plastis is to always find a way to produce production plastic machined components for our customers, no matter what the challenge.


Do you quote low volume prototyping jobs?  If so, could you please quote on 5, 10 and 20 pcs each of the attached two plastic components, to be machined in acrylic?

Connecticut Plastics is a full range prototype through production quantity machining and fabrication facility. Low volume prototype jobs are not a problem. Please forward a drawing and we will be glad to quote.


I recently had 12 pieces of the attached part machined in delrin; problem was they ended up getting ‘bowed’ pretty badly along the length. I was wondering if you could suggest how to stress relieve them to eliminate the bowing, or even do the stress relieving as a service? Would you also consider submitting a quote to machine the 12 pieces in case they have to be fabricated again?

We do offer stress relieving as a service to customers that prefer to machine plastic components, themselves. This can sometimes help with feature translation such as bowing, however it is best to have the part machined using techniques that minimize this result. Here at Connecticut Plastics our expertise in plastic machining spans 30 years. We will be glad to submit a new quote for your parts.


I am looking to have precision machined, plastic plates approximately 6″ square that are clear, and need to have about 100 small precision machined pockets cut into the surface. They also need to be polished. This component will be used to hold small parts about 1mm in diameter for an optical measurement machine.

Nice component for our capabilities. Acrylic or polycarbonate machined part are stable for your application. Please forward a drawing and we will be glad to give you a quote.


I am working on different prototypes that I need to have precision machined for testing purposes. We are hoping to find the best design for final production. I need to know if you can produce prototypes from the designs I have attached.

We have a separate manufacturing cell dedicated to plastic prototyping. Typical deliveries are better than 4 weeks.


I need to have prototypes made of these designs. Each design represents a 6mm sphere with different surface features. I have been told that micro plastic machining is the best way to make these test platforms and I understand your company is the industry leader in micro milling. Is this work that your company would be interested in?

We successfully perform a lot of micro machining. Milling and turning of small micro parts is a specialty.


I am writing to request a quote for a 4-part assembly.  All of the parts should be precision machined in polycarbonate. The dimensional tolerances, where applicable are +/-0.05 mm. It is critical that all the parts have a surface finish Ra of 0.8 microns. However an alternative optimum could be discussed. I have attached a set of drawings. Should you require further details, please contact me.

Our precision machining combined with polishing will achieve your target finish. We will be happy to send you a quote for this job.


I have 35 white nylon pins that were manufactured for our CNC router. The rod arrived at the machine shop eccentric and oversize approximately .0015. In hind sight we should have had the rod O.D. centerless ground then had the parts made. Instead the parts were single pointed. They are very tight in their assemblies. What would be a good way to remove .0015 from the O.D. without a marred finish and eccentricity?

The only potential solution is to centerless grind them again. For 35 pcs you are best off to start again.


I am contacting you from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  For a research project, I need to have the attached pieces machined in a clear plastic that can withstand biological sterilization (autoclaving).  Lexan polycarbonate is the most suitable plastic that I am aware of, but if you know of others, please let me know.  Please provide a quote with price breaks at 1,6 and 12 sets.

I recommend Polysulfone, Ultem or Radel for autoclave applications. Of the 3 materials, Radel has the highest resistance to degradation under the sterilization conditions. PC is not typically recommended.


In a research project here at Rush University we are looking to machine UVT plastic and use components to guide scintillation photons to photo-multiplier tubes. I was wondering if you can provide UVT acrylic plastic to us and please quote us on machining UVT with the dimensions specified in the attached file. 

UVT (ultra violet transmitting) acrylic is available and readily machinable. We can provide polished UVT acrylic components as well.


Our company uses injection molded acrylic lenses in some of our products.  We thermally and solvent bond the molded parts to other parts.   Annealing becomes critical to prevent crazing.  We would also like to have our parts tested for stress potential.   Could you give us details about the test services you can provide us in order to determine degree of annealing?

We can optically analyze your parts for the stress.


The attached part is molded without threads on all three openings. Does your shop provide the ability to CNC threads into this design?

Yes we can, threads are straightforward.


We are looking to have 2 wedges made, with a quantity of 24 each. Attached are drawings of the parts. The material can be HDPE, UHMWPE or equivalent; whatever has the shortest lead time for you. The main concern here is lead time. We would like to have these parts in three weeks. Please let me know if you are interested in quoting parts.

HDPE and UHMW is a regularly machined plastic for us. We can meet your target date. We will get back to you with a quote.


Can you machine 10 of these tiny parts? The material has to be PEEK 90HMF40. .005 Maximum Diameter corner reliefs are acceptable on the internal opening feature.

No problem, small plastic machining is a specialty of ours.


I am interested in having a run of parts cut from HDPE on a CNC Router the project entails router cutting, drilling and adding radius to  corner edges of 1/8 inch.  I have CAD drawings and would like to know if you might be able to give me a price estimate for supplying the material and performing the machining. What format you would like to see the drawings in?

Yes we can give you a quote, and we can read nearly every type of file format.


After reviewing your website I believe you can assist us with our needs for an Acrylic window. The attached file is of the port for an underwater light that will see 4,500 PSI and we are looking for the best alternatives and are not sure what specifications are available or what the cost tradeoffs are.  We have called out for using Optical grade Acrylic that is annealed/Pre-Shrunk and then to anneal again after machining. The after machining would not be at a high temperature so no further shrinking would occur but would serve condition the part to remove stresses caused by machining.  Please let me know if my assumption on the post annealing is wrong. I would like you to recommend what you think is the best approach to this issue and quote 15 pieces.

Your thought process is correct; we will send a quote shortly.


We are working on a medical device design that will require a nylon or similar material spacer 0.05″diameter, with a 0.018″ diameter hole 0.02″ thick. Is this something you can produce?

Yes, we make small parts like this regularly.


Do you produce any Derlin AF shaft bushings? 1 inch internal diameter 1.25 inch approximate length, preferably with a shoulder.

We can custom plastic machine to your plastic specifications. Delrin AF is a common material for us to run.


Our team is trying to bring a new consumer electronics device to market. Currently, we have working prototypes that need more sophisticated looking enclosures. I have a design for a prototype enclosure for our device and would like them machined from some type of black plastic such as delrin. I am looking at a small quantity of 10 sets.

Please send a print. Our Quick Turnaround Service will produce prototypes in 2 weeks or less.


Can your company help us machine this design?  I’m open to suggestions in terms of what type of plastic to use. If your company cannot match the specs on this design, can you tell me how close you could get?

PEP Connecticut Plastics has engineers on staff to offer support on plastic material selection. We can achieve the tolerances you are presenting. We are successful in achieving tolerances of +/- .0005 or better.


I have a 3D model of a plastic piece that I need machined. Can you produce this item from the 3D model? Can I send you the 3D object?

Our plastic prototype machining only works from 3D models.


I am interested in your plastic turning services as an alternative to other methods of producing this item. Can you provide a quote?

Plastic turning is most effective at lower quantities and parts with complex configurations and close tolerance.


Can you please provide a quote for milling and optical-grade polishing of a single acrylic prototype part? I have attached a drawing.

Yes, we now do quick turn around prototype plastic machining. Your quote is attached.


We need to hold a 0.5″ dia. S.Steel rod concentrically within a 1″ bore SS tube. We drill through the rod 1/8″ alternately at 90 degrees and insert a three piece PTFE spacer. I see you have PTFE items that could perhaps be used as ‘pegs’ to be inserted either side of the drilled hole. The hole diameter can be changed. Do you have a standard item we could use, or perhaps modify for there is no great requirement for this?

We custom plastic machine many items including pegs in Teflon. Please advise on your size requirements. It is most likely easiest to do a custom run for you.


We need pre-machined blanks to make custom hub rings for automotive custom wheel applications. In 4 OD sizes with a bore in the middle.

PEP Connecticut Plastics can provide pre-machined blanks. Also consider us for the complete machining as well. We can polish your acrylic components.


We are conducting a test on various potential replacement materials for a device that experiences a highly oxidative environment.  We would like to evaluate 20 coupons of the 1 X 2 X 15 cm for each potential replacement materials.  The materials we would like to try are: CTFE, FEP, PFA, PTFE and Tefzel.

We would be happy to fabricate those for you. What tolerance do you require on the dimensions? We can hold some of the tightest plastic machining tolerances in the industry.


We make a line of product for the water / wastewater industry in various plastics, mostly UHMW and various grades of nylon.  What is your capacity for flat slab CNC work? Some of our components can be up to 30″ square and 4″ (or more) thick. We also need Worm gear sets, The worm is MDS filled nylon and the worm gear in a good grade, UV stabilized UHMW-PE.

We can plastic machine parts to 40” x 24”. Machining 30” typically requires a plastic router.


We have an application in which we are currently using a precision hardened, ground and lapped spacer. This spacer is approx 60mm ID and 75mm OD with a tolerance of +/- .005. The thickness is .0625 and .1250 +/- .0002. The current steel spacers are costly, delicate and prone to rust. Can these spacers be made in plastic? The thickness tolerance is crucial. Our application requires stacked precision tooling and accumulative tolerance errors need to be minimized.

Absolutely. Connecticut Plastics can hold the tightest plastic machining tolerances in the industry with +/- .0002 is within our capability.


I would like to get more information regarding your stress testing for molded components.  We currently have a need to stress test our parts after molding.  The stress test we are doing is a TNP solvent test.  3 parts Toluene to 1 part IPA.  We currently test 74 – 200 units a month.  Parts are very small .750″ lg. x .450″ width. Can your company stress test molded components?

PEP Connecticut Plastics can stress test molded components. We have stress test protocols for Ultem, acrylic, polycarbonate and others. Target stress level testing is also a consideration.


I need to compare cost-effectiveness of CNC plastic fabrication and plastic injection molding  for pre-prototyping of high a precision light concentrator.

Typically CNC plastic machining is best for close tolerance work and middle to low volume quantities. Thick cross sections and undercuts are also a good choice. Low or no tooling costs.


I’m looking for a peek manifold to screw on a 10ml glass vial with 7 or 8 line hookups in the top. One of your pictures of a round peek manifold looks like it would work with my design. Please let me know if this something you have in stock or would you have to machine it.

All our parts are custom plastic machined components. Please send a drawing of your plastic part design for consideration.


I would like to know if you are able to manufacture a simple transparent cone with a flange out of clear PVC?

Certainly, we precision machine clear plastic PVC on a regular basis.


We are looking to have several molding trays fabricated for producing flexible urethane or silicone rubber cavity molds for a bullion shaped bar end product based from paraffin wax. The design requires two assembled sets of mold trays along with two extra bars. Bar material is currently specified as cast acrylic, polished to a gloss finish. We are also looking to have our logo engraved in the center of the bar. Is your company interested in quoting this job?

We frequently plastic engrave for our customers including logos, art work and text. Do you need it colored or as machined.


I am working on a medical feasibility project for which I would like to know if your company can micro fabricate a plastic component that is part of the design. I have attached a drawing. If the dimensions are within your scope of business, I would like to know what would be the NRE and cost per part. Any suggestions are welcome. 

This part is a good fit for us. We micro machine/micro fabricate many plastic components. What quantities are you looking for?


I am conducting preliminary research- pre-mass production. We are looking to plastic fabrication as a means to produce a custom plastic protective cover for an infrared LED illumination surrounding a specialized camera lens.

We have produced many plastic windows for protective covers. Acrylic and polycarbonate windows are typical, and with vapor polishing, we can provide you an optically clear finish.


We need to have a part micro machined. Please quote quantities of 25 and 50 pieces of this TEFLON part. Consider the following: how thin can the top surface that is 0.065″ be machined to?  Is 0.016 feasible?

Yes plastic machining of .016 is feasible. The Teflon plastic part may get a little porous. We have machined wall thicknesses below .001”.


I would like to explore the possibility of producing a plastic mandrel for an electro-forming project. I need to laser machine a 5 inch long plastic part about a tight center supporting wire. The wire is held in a ‘C’ frame by crimped balls and able to rotate slowly. The final part must be concentric about the wire and have a conductive finish. Any help is truly appreciated.

Please send a sketch or drawing of your design and we would be glad to help.


I came across your site while searching on medical devices. I am considering having the plastic parts precision machined. What I need is an engineer to look over my idea. I would like comments on how I can manufacture this device more cost efficiently. Any changes or comments are welcome for discussion.

We are happy to help. Please call us to talk with our engineering department about material selection, machinability and tolerances.


Could you send us technical details and a quote for a bonded manifold we found on your website? We think it will suit our needs. We are looking for a 1 to 3 way plastic manifold connecting a 2 mm inside diameter tubing to 3 1mm inside tubes.

We certainly can. Please specify which manifold component is similar to yours and we can work up ballpark pricing.


I’m exploring possibility of machining a small diameter optical diffuser.  The diffuser is made in sheets of polycarbonate, 5mil thick, and will be AR coated on both sides.  Can this material be precision machined to diameter of 3 to 4 mm with a clear aperture of 2 to 3mm?  Can we go to a 2mm diameter with a 1mm clear aperture?

Yes, we can machine that small. You can view similar parts in our micromachining section. Please send us a drawing and we will be happy to provide you with a quote.


I’d like to have manufactured, plastic knobs and buttons in a variety of colors. Is this something you can do?

Certainly, Acrylic or PVC are both available in different colors as rod stock.


My inquiry looks to be low tech compared to your capabilities. I need a couple prototype pieces (4) of the attached CAD drawing, fabricated from polycarbonate. My current supplier simply machines these units out of polycarbonate sheet but their lead times are starting to be a barrier.

Quick lead times for prototype work is a service we can provide.


Do you have the capability of machining valve bodies? Small ones, typically with ¼ or ½ threaded fittings, out of PTFE to SEMI F57-0301 standard.

We provide plastic machining services to customers for a wide range of valve bodies. Please send a print and we can discuss further.


We are looking to produce a component for a medical device (direct patient contact but not an implant). It must withstand steam sterilization (125°C for 30 mins), long term storage in saline, and most importantly have a very low coefficient of friction. The component is small (20x20mm) and can either be injection molded or accurately machined. Is this a project that you might be able to help us with?

We would be happy to help with your plastic machining application. Please send a print for more specific consideration.


This part must transmit parallel light with zero diffusion through the 1/2″ x 5″ sides so that a Schlieren image can be taken through both pieces.  I have had trouble with diffusion in similar pieces but I have read that annealing the pieces fixes the problem.  Is this accurate?

It is possible that annealing can alter the plastic properties. We would be happy to test a sample for you.


I am looking for a manufacturer that can create permanent PEEK to PEEK bonds.  The device in question requires a top plate and bottom plate, each with mating fluid relief channels (machined across the bond plane), to be bonded to create a monolithic construct.  This is for a class 2 medical device, so adhesive solutions will have to demonstrate biocompatibility. Is this work that your company can do?

Yes we plastic bond many different types of materials. And we can help with your selection of adhesives, or you can go to loctite.com for adhesive specifications.


I am looking for 1/2″x1/2″ by  ~3mm thick transparent plastic blanks.  The sidewalls do not have to be polished. The blanks should be in each of the following materials:  COC, COP, Polycarbonate, PMMI, Polysulfone Clear.  I would like the water clear version of all these materials.

This is relatively easy to make, Do you have quantities?


We are currently investigating a source for a custom manifold solution for our existing products to reduce the amount of tubing required, and reduce assembly labor times.  Does your company fabricate custom manifolds?

Yes we make regular drilled plastic manifolds as well as bonded plastic manifolds. Bonded manifolds are a great way to reduce the amount of tubing and connection points in a fluidic system.


Do you do prototypes at your facility? I have a wooden prototype but am looking to make my product out of plastic. What is your pricing, time frames, etc. I also would like to know how much it costs to order various quantities of the item.

Yes, Connecticut Plastics machine plastic prototypes. Please send additional information and we will provide a plastic machining quote.


Can you machine on plastic an array (12) of 150 um x 150 um parallel trenches at a pitch of 250 um?  The surfaces of the trenches have to be very smooth (50 nm surface roughness).

We can, though I need more information on material choice and layout details.


Does your company ship to Europe? Looking for an initial batch of 50 lenses. Surface Finish is critical for optical transmission. At present attached PDF states 0.2micron (~8 Micro inches). I would welcome any advice based on your experience?

We do ship to Europe. We can produce parts that are good for see-through applications but not true optical transmission. In that case, a lens manufacturer would be a better choice.


I am interested in receiving design assistance for a product that I have created. I would like a drawing CAD file, or product production and design with cnc machining or rapid prototyping.  I would like to work with an engineer to help determine what type of plastic would best suit my product. Do you have a minimum production number?  Can you give me more information regarding the above?

We can make a single piece if you would like. We can assist with the design. Please send a sketch or a print for further discussion.


Can you machine on plastic an array (12) of 150 um x 150 um parallel trenches at a pitch of 250 um?  The surfaces of the trenches have to be very smooth (50 nm surface roughness)?

Yes we can, please send a print to further clarify the design.


Do you do prototypes at your facility? I have a wooden prototype but am looking to make my product out of plastic (a low price point item). What is your pricing, time frames, etc.? I also would like to know how much it costs to order various quantities of the item.  Thank you very much.

Yes, Connecticut Plastics do prototype work. We will need a print and quantities to put together a quote.


We are currently investigating a source for a custom manifold solution for our existing products to reduce the amount of tubing required, and reduce assembly labor times.

I am happy to help. We can design a manifold directly from your schematics. I will need the valve and pump models with a target size envelope.


We are currently looking for quotation on the attached part for plastic fabrication. It is constructed from black ABS (sheet). We have a small quantity need, as this is prototype, but our customer requires fine finishing. We are hopeful that you can provide us with cost-effective quality improvements. These parts take us considerable time to manufacture at our facility.

No problem, please send us a print and we would be happy to quote.


I am looking to have 2000 custom 1/4-20 square nuts made.  The dimensions are 5/8″ x 5/8″ x 3/8″ with a custom base flange.  This will be for an outdoor application, so it should resist extreme temperatures (approximately -50ºF to 200ºF, think of a North Dakota winter and an Arizona summer), UV, rain, sleet, snow, salt, ozone, etc.  My research has me leaning toward CPVC, as of this moment.  Is this a suitable material, or would you recommend another? 

CPVC is a good choice. Your application is fairly aggressive for a plastic material.


I am looking to replace a brass manifold with a plastic manifold as I am having problems with stress corrosion. The application is a cooling system, max ID for fluid line is 1.5″ OAL 12″ tapped either end with NPT thread, also 4 3/4″ NPT threaded holes in side of manifold. Typical pressure is less than 100 PSI with 35 Gal per minute flow. Can you recommend a material that would meet this criteria?

I would recommend Delrin as a good material choice. It is easy to machine and will tolerate the large NPT threads well from a stress cracking perspective.


We are currently looking for a quotation on the attached part for plastic fabrication. It is constructed from black ABS (sheet). We only need a small quantity, as this is a prototype. Our customer requires fine finishing, and these parts take us considerable time to manufacture at our facility with current capabilities.  We are hopeful that you can provide us with cost-effective quality improvements.

We are happy to help. Please submit a print and required quantities.


Our current CNC shop, attempted to fabricate this plate out of Delrin but could not provide the V-groove features we require. Is fabricating this part out of Delrin feasible?

We machine plastics everyday and frequently can produce features others cannot. We would be happy to help.

I am working on the design of an acrylic viewport for use in a submersible robot and would like to submit a drawing for quote. I would also like to discuss the manufacturability of the design and any recommendations you might have to improve the design.

Please send the print. Clear acrylic windows are a common product for us.


We are looking for a quote for a fairly complex plastic assembly for a medical product. The assembly was designed using SolidWorks. Can you generate a quote based on a SolidWorks assembly file? Or do you need a drawing file in some neutral format (such as pdf)?

We can except prints in nearly every format. Solidworks is a good choice for providing prints in their native format.

While we are mainly a metal working facility, we occasionally machine various plastics. I have noticed a complete failure of coolant on a machine within two weeks after a plastic run. Do you have these same issues? Any discussion on this topic would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

Some plastics can cause coolant problems. Also, depending on the machining approach, the type of chips formed can have a detrimental affect on the coolant.


Can you tell me if there is a router bit that can be fitted into a hand held variable speed router to polish a cut edge of an 18mm high gloss acrylic door after the cut has been cleaned up with a two flute cutter?

Not that I am aware. Considering trying carbide.


I would like to know if you would consider turning plastic or acrylic duck call barrels for me?

We can do a great job on duck calls. With special tooling the parts can come off the machine completely polished.


I am looking for someone to produce 6 propellers from PTFE as per the attached drawing.

We can provide full 4 axis plastic machining for your product. Please forward CAD drawings so we can discuss further.


I am in need of some custom machined Teflon bushings that will be required to maintain a vacuum seal, where the vacuum side may see pressures below 10e-8 Torr. Is this something you can do?

Telfon machining is a standard for us. Depending on seal size, Teflon porosity may pose a challenge.