How Precision Machining of Plastic Components Benefits our Everyday Lives

The use of plastic components has become so wide-spread that most likely we don’t notice the many items we use that are made completely of plastic or of plastic components. Many manufacturers have found that by converting their metal components to plastic ones they can find numerous savings in design changes, overall costs, weight and waste.

Machining Polysulfone – Why Choose This Plastic?

Polysulfone, known under several names, has particular properties that make it a good choice for machining plastic parts. It has become a popular choice for our clients and their applications.

Considerations When Machining Ultem

At PEP Connecticut Plastics, we understand our customers need expertly produced individual prototypes and also parts in large quantities. We also recognize the importance of producing only the highest quality plastic parts that have long-lasting durability for your industry and application.

Fantastic with Plastic!

Follow the link to see why we are fantastic with plastic! At PEP Connecticut Plastics, we specialize in exceptionally clear transparent parts and tight industry tolerances. We use top techniques to drive top results with state of the art equipment and a high quality guarantee.

“The Challenges Of Medical Part Machining”

“The Challenges Of Medical Part Machining” the cover story in the May 2015 issue of Today’s Medical Developments deals with how PEP Connecticut Plastics is using advanced computer aided manufacturing strategies to improve quality, hold down costs and reduce lead times for parts machined on multi-axis lathes and machining centers:

Machining Polycarbonate: Creating Tough and Durable Plastic Parts

PEP Connecticut Plastics is a quality polycarbonate machining company that ensures you get the product and parts results that you want and need. Our professional resources and capable team will ensure that the job you need done is completed in a timely and efficient manner.

Drug Delivery Device Components

A complete resource for drug delivery component manufacturing and logistics. Drug delivery devices comprise one of the most rapidly growing segments of the medical device manufacturing market. Substantial R&D efforts are being focused on new drug formulations and the most appropriate designs for the drug delivery mechanisms. Good designs, however, do not automatically ensure that these devices can be assembled consistently with near zero rejects.

Acrylic Polishing – The Techniques Used

Acrylic is known for its clarity, lack of color and excellent light transmitting properties. In both its extruded and cast form, acrylic can be polished to a far superior, glass-like finish than many other materials such as ultem, polycarbonate and polysulfone. This makes it ideal for lenses, light guides and other similar engineering components.