Acrylic is a Great Alternative to Glass

PEP Connecticut Plastics utilizes acrylic as a great cost-effective and versatile alternative to glass and other heavier plastics.  It is lightweight, yet rigid which makes it a great match for manufacturing.  With a clear, colorless and transparent surface, acrylic provides nearly distortion-free clarity when used in windows, displays, signage and lighting fixtures.  It easily withstands the heat from sunlight, cold weather, and dramatic temperature changes, making it a reliable performer in applications requiring outdoor exposure.   This easily handled and processed material can be machined, thermoformed, sawed, drilled, laser-cut, filed, and polished, and is ideally installed in frames. Like many plastics, […]

Torlon Solution for Use in Severe Thermal and Chemical Applications

Connecticut Plastics utilizes Torlon for its superior toughness, stiffness and strength.  From temperatures of 500 degree F to chemically harsh environments, Torlon out performs other materials in a broad range of applications.  This melt-processable plastic has excellent dimensional stability and wear resistance.  Torlon is available at lower cost than many advanced engineering plastics and can be machined to tight tolerances. Due to its ability to endure severe thermal, chemical and stress conditions, Torlon is an excellent choice for text fixture components, electrical insulation, seals, bearing parts, sliding compressor vanes, nests and sockets.  It is utilized in electronics manufacturing and chemical […]

PEEK Excellent Choice for Demanding Applications

PEP Connecticut Plastics utilizes PEEK in aggressive manufacturing environments such as high temperatures, wet processes, and heavy loads.  It has excellent mechanical and chemical resistance properties that are retained at high temperatures.  PEEK combines exceptional wear, chemical and moisture resistance with very high strength, dimensional stability and stiffness. PEEK can be continuously exposed to hot water or steam with no distortion, corrosion or galling. PEEK is used to fabricate components in demanding applications such as sliding and wear parts, food contact parts, gears, valve seats, pump wear parts, structural parts, appliance parts, bushings, bearings, seals and rings, plug connectors and […]

The Manufacturing World is Already Living with Evidence-based Results

One of the changes that Americans may experience if Government Health Care Reform becomes a reality,  will be the implementation of Evidence Based Medicine.  Long ago defined by Dr David Sackett, and colleagues in the British Medical Journal:  “evidence based medicine is the conscientious, explicit, and judicious use of current best evidence in making decisions about the care of individual patients” [British Medical Journal 1996; 312: 71-72].   This has a familiar ring to it. It reminds me of the ISO family of standards for quality management that world class manufacturers have been working to for decades.  Put forth by […]

Connecticut Plastics Recommends Ultem PEI for Plastic Machining

PEP Connecticut Plastics utilizes Ultem PEI for the ultimate performance in high-heat/high-strength applications.  Ultem PEI combines exceptional strength and rigidity with excellent thermal properties, including outstanding heat resistance under continuous operating temperatures. Ultem PEI can also be reinforced with glass fiber for increased rigidity. Due to its high performance and ease of manufacturing, Ultem PEI is an excellent choice for manifolds, reusable machined components, electrical insulators, electrical component housings and aircraft instrumentation.  It is utilized in a wide cross section of manufacturing industries: medical, pharmaceutical, electronics, semiconductor design, aircraft, aerospace and automotive.  PEP Connecticut Plastics is a premier supplier of […]

Does Trade Show Marketing Make Sense Today?

PEP Connecticut Plastics is planning to exhibit at the Design2Part Trade Show to be held in Marlborough, Massachusetts on November 4 & 5th of this year. (Booth # 539)  The Design2Part Trade Show, formerly known as The Job Shop, is expecting an increase in turn out over last year, despite our poor economy.  The Design2 Part Show attracts design engineers from all over New England.  Design engineers are the industry group that we target. They are often looking for our plastic machining and plastic polishing services.  Our decision got me to wondering if trade shows are still a viable marketing tool […]

The Impact of Health Care Reform on the Medical Device Industry

PEP Connecticut Plastics provides plastic machined products to the medical device industry.  With a large portion of the group’s manufacturing in this sector, health care legislative reform is of interest to us. In July 2009, European Plastics News reported that some medical device manufacturers are expecting growth of about 6% this year.  Along the same line, Scott Burns, editor of Morningstar ETF Investor, stated in August 2009 that investors would be smart to have stocks from medical device OEMs in their portfolios.  His rationale is based on the fact that medical device manufacturers generally are dealing directly with individual hospitals and […]